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Obesity and weight management is one of the most worrying issues among women. We offer unique Ayurvedic weight loss and weight gain packages customizable to different individual needs. Our special diet and weight management techniques help them manage their weight without the need of excessive exercise and diet. Medicated powder massages and Ayurvedic medicinal diet helps you streamline your body without excess weight loss or weight gain. Lavana kizhi, that uses medicated bandage is used for fat removal. You will be able to attain ideal body image within a matter of weeks.

The package is natural and ensures healthy & lasting results. Special therapies and treatments are included in the package and this may vary according to each individual. Diet plan and treatments are decided once carefully diagnosed by the doctor. Weight management can give you emotional struggle as your body moves from one state to another. Understanding the importance of mental balance, we also include yoga & meditation programs in the package.