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In Ayurveda, skin is classified into three types based on Vata (dry), Pitta (sensitive) and Kapha (oily). Imbalances in any of the doshas can have an adverse effect on the skin as on the body. Skin requires extra care as it gets exposed more to all kinds of pollutants and changing weather conditions. It even seeks care according to the age of a person. Especially when it comes to women, age takes toll on the skin and beauty. In order to balance the youthfulness of skin, one should take action to support the skin’s defence system.

Skin care treatment at She Ayurveda includes therapies that are effective from within the body. It helps balance the doshas and cleanse the blood to nurture the skin well. The treatment also help eradicate the impurities. We use ancient recipes and skin care rituals from Ayurveda under the guidance of skilled professionals to help her combat skin problems and regain youthfulness.