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For several centuries, Karkkidaka Chikitsa has been in practice in Kerala. It is done during the monsoon season when it is believed as per Ayurveda that the doshas get aggravated and causes many health issues. Karkkidaka chikitsa is a healing method to overcome the physical, mental and spiritual challenges during this period. As the women’s bodies are delicate and sensitive, they are more prone to get diseases during the month of Karkkidaka. Karkkidaka chikitsa enhances immunity and rejuvenates the body.
We offer special Karkkidaka Packages for the women out there.

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1) Karkkidaka Package (Normal)
The package includes Abhgyangam, Steam therapy, and Karkkidaka kanji. Abhyangam is a full body massage therapy that is relaxing and refreshing. Medicated warm oil is used to massage the whole body which helps in preventing ageing and degeneration. Karkkidaka or the monsoon is the season when joint and muscle pains get aggravated. Abhyangam oil massage with steam therapy helps is relieving the joint and muscle stiffness and pain. 

Other benefits include:

  • Removal of metabolic wastes
  • Relief from anxiety and circulatory disorders
  • Relief from backaches and arthritic problems
  • Bodily rejuvenation and nourishment

2) Special Packages
a) The special package focuses on strengthening the nerves and muscles, promoting good blood circulation, and nourishing the growth of soft tissue from deep inside. Apart from Abhyangam, the package includes Njavara kizhi/theppu, kizhi, steam and karkkidaka kanji. Njavara kizhi gives nourishment for body tissues which has undergone depletion and degeneration and also enhances the complexion. It is even helpful for those who suffer from arthritis, paralysis, lethargy, stress, trauma, and body weakness.


  • Helps get rid of joint stiffness and allow flexible movements
  • Aids sound sleep
  • Increases immune system
  • Slows down ageing
  • Improves the texture of the skin
  • Soothes Vata Dosha
  • Strengthens and nourishes the nervous system and muscles

b) Special Karkkidaka Package for stress relief and memory boosting:
The package focuses on stress relief and memory enhancement through Abhyangam and Dhara (Thakradhara). Abhyangam helps in relieving stress and refreshing the body whereas Thakradhara improves the sensory function and cures certain kinds of pitta disorders. The package is also beneficial for those who suffer from migraine attacks.

3) She Golden Package:
As per Ayurveda, the human body is made up of many elements. An imbalance between those elements causes various illnesses and health problems. Climate change, lifestyle, habits etc. can cause the imbalance between the elements. The ‘She Golden Karkkidaka Package’ focuses on purification. The package includes best Shodhana Chikitsa to purify the whole body and maintaining the balance between the elements. The golden package includes Abhyangam, Njavara kizhi, Facial, Kizhi, Nasyam, and Vasti.
7, 14 and 28 days options are available for Karkkidaka packages. Treatment processes and duration may vary according to each individual and their health status.