Why choose Ayurveda for prenatal care?

Why choose Ayurveda for prenatal care?

Ayurvedic prenatal care in Kerala

We all know the importance of the care and love our mother gives.  Even we are familiar with the popular Sanskrit wordings,

“Mata Pitha Guru Daivam”

They are the ones who have started to love us even before our birth. Starting for the care they show during the pregnancy period, we experience the true warmth of affection. They are the actual teachers of all generations.  For all the mother-to-be ladies out there! We have got something for you. We’ll help you to get the best Ayurveda prenatal care in Kerala.

Proper care and support must be given to the mother-to-be. In Ayurveda, there are various techniques for prenatal care. We mainly focus on delivering the best treatment facilities during the entire pregnancy period which include the pre and post birth scenes as well.  The various tactics used in Ayurveda helps in maintaining a healthy condition. In Ayurveda, childbirth is related to the growth of a sapling. From its germination leading to the sprouting and finally its development as a sapling. Here, the fusion of the male sperm and female egg leads to the formation of the embryo (garbha). Then the mother-to-be is subjected to various stages that include organized food habits and diet plans, light exercises and so on. There is various  Ayurvedic approach towards motherhood, that comprises of pregnancy and childbirth, which is indeed a holistic one. The Ayurvedic practices take care of both mom and child. 

Things to be noted by the mother-to-be: 
  • Wear a neat and clean dress
  • Eat Healthily
  • Avoid gloomy mood
  • Try to invest more time for a happy environment
  • Reduce the usage of cosmetics
What all should be avoided:
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Wearing tight dress
  • Smoking and Alcohol consumption
  • Day time sleeping and less sleep during the night
  • Insanity

Based on the Garbhini Paricharya, separate courses of medications and treatment techniques are given on each month. It is to keep in mind the special care should be given during the first three months of pregnancy and the eighth and ninth month. 

Let’s have a quick tour through the various procedures in Ayurveda during the pregnancy period:

Using rasa and rakta dhatus, care is given to the uterus during the first trimester. Proper nourishment for the embryo is delivered using Upsnehan.

Consumption of cold milk along with meals is a good practice in the first month.

During the Second month, consume Tandulodaka (rice water) along with warm milk mixed with sweet herbs. Recommended honey and ghee along with warm milk in the third month.
By the 4th month, the nervous system of the fetus starts to develop. It is the period when the mom starts her cravings. Depending upon the health conditions of the mom, cravings can be fulfilled. For example, a diabetic person should limit their cravings for sweetness. 
5th to 7th month is all about strengthening the umbilical cord and uterine wall. Thereby giving the best support to the fetus. Ashwagandha is good medicine for this. 
Consumption of food containing fat and salt should be controlled starting from the 8th month onwards. Once you enter the ninth month, be prepared to welcome your dear one mentally and physically.  The rosy complexion of the mother-to-be indicates the delivery period. 

There are large possibilities for catching disease during the pregnancy period. Make sure you have the right drugs which don’t cause any sort of harmful effect to both mom and the baby.
It is not a good practice to undergo Panchakarma process during the eighth and ninth months of pregnancy except Basti.

Various types of problems raise during this pregnancy period.  Therefore, you need a perfect centre that offers top Ayurvedic prenatal care in Kerala. You might be able to see various Ayurvedic centres delivering prenatal care. But, which is the best among them? Without any dilemma visit She Ayurveda. Being the No.1 centre for Ayurvedic prenatal care in Kerala, we’ve marked our own unique yet powerful stand in this field. So, why waiting?

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