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Woman's Body Massages in Calicut

The holistic science of Ayurveda gives great emphasis on the natural wellness of a woman. Both  her outer as well as inner beauty are taken into consideration and many Ayurveda herbs, home remedies, herbal medicines are targeted towards restoring as well as reviving woman health.

In Ayurveda natural health tonics the basic ingredients of Ayurveda herbs like Shatavari, Ashoka, Aamla, Aloe vera, Lodhra, Trifla etc. along with natural components like Lauh bhasma, Praval pishti, ghee, cow’s milk, honey or jiggery are used. As a complete holistic natural science Ayurveda deals with not just curing a disease, but more importantly maintaining the natural wellbeing of an individual. Hence the natural goodness of Ayurveda beauty tips with the use of herbs and Ayurveda herb formulations are supportive in gaining as well as maintaining the natural beauty of woman.

A number of time tested herbs that have been researched over the years promise a smooth and supple skin, natural radiance as well as escape from most of the skin maladies. Ayurveda provides reasonable guidance and support to woman both for reviving as well as maintaining her natural beauty, mental harmony, liveliness and splendour lifelong!

At She Ayurveda, the essence of Ayurveda is utilised to maintain & nourish the beauty of the woman. So why wait anymore? Just check out sheayurveda .com & contact us for more details.


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