5 Ayurvedic Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

5 Ayurvedic Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy – the most beautiful phase of a woman!

For a woman, pregnancy fills her life with happiness and sense of fulfilment.  Above all, it gives a new life to every woman and allows her to participate in one of the ultimate pleasures of life. All through this beautiful phase, a woman requires great care from her family. Let’s know more about pregnancy and also we’ll find out the No.1 center that offers the best Ayurvedic treatment for pregnancy care Calicut.

First of all, Ayurveda says that pregnancy and delivery are a rejuvenating experience in the life of a woman. Also, Ayurveda lays great emphasis on pregnancy and prescribes some rules important for every pregnant woman. In Ayurveda, the downward moving energy is called Apana Vata that supports the fetus development. During stress and fatigue, the upward moving energy, called Prana Vata directs through downwards to fulfil the fetal needs. Therefore, a delicate balance between both Apana & Prana Vata is needed for a healthy pregnancy and that can be achieved only through following some classic Ayurvedic measures.
The following healthy pregnancy tips will support the well-being of both the mother and the baby.

1. Support Your Cravings

You should eat what you naturally crave. Try to eat a well-balanced diet, including good amounts of healthy starch, proteins and veggies. However, avoid foods that are hot and spicy, uncooked leafy veggies, undercooked beans, preservatives, artificial flavours etc.

2. Balance Vata

Vata, the energy of the nervous system should be balanced to maintain a healthy pregnancy. A diet rich in veggies, sprouts, whole grains and unprocessed foods including coconut oil, olive oil etc. Tries to avoid leftovers as much as possible. Sprouted beans, whole grains, fruits, rice and healthy starch foods like quinoa, cooked beets, carrots and sweet potatoes are a safe bet.

3. Massage with Ayurvedic Herbal Oil

Herbal oil massage helps to calm the sensory nervous system of the mother. Massages till 5th month are not advisable but during the 8th and 9th months can be done.

4. Treat Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is often associated with morning sickness. It lasts from a few weeks to a few months & can occur at any time of the day. Ayurveda can be effectively used to tackle and conquer the condition.

5. Stay Happy

At the time of pregnancy, a lot of emotional support along with physical care is needed. Try to keep out negative emotions like sorrow, anger, grief, doubt and fear. Always try to stay happy in a happy environment close to your family & friends who can give their time and support to you during this special phase of your life.
All these above tips can help you to have a healthy and happy pregnancy and enjoy the experience as well.

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