It’s time to get rid of Chronic Back Pain – ...

It’s time to get rid of Chronic Back Pain – She Ayurveda

Are you suffering from chronic back pain? Do you feel disappointment that not even a single method of cure is working for you? Here we are. This is the high time to find your shelter in natural methods of treatment. We, She Ayurveda provides Ayurveda treatments for back pain Calicut.

Now we will be discussing what are the causes of back pain and how you can attain complete cure through Ayurveda treatments for back pain Calicut. In this read we will discuss the reasons behind chronic back pain and in the following read, we will be discussing what are the preventive measures and treatment we are taking at She Ayurveda.

Here are the five major reasons behind back pain


If you are tense for a long period of time, that muscular tension can cause pain. Common areas for back pain caused by stress include the neck and shoulders and lower back region. Try some relaxation techniques such as deep breathing a walk or yoga to make yourself comfortable and stress free 

Height of your Heel

High heels are always a problem. It will change the center of gravity of your body which will eventually become a reason for your back pain. The heels make you lean forward all the time, it will be a reason behind putting an additional pressure on your feet that do not extend your calf completely. This puts more stress and unwanted stress on the lower back and eventually this will become the reason behind pain. Use only good pairs of heels if it is necessary for working conditions

Food routines

A study says women suffered from back pain as well as gastrointestinal problems, such as abdominal pain or loss of appetite . Lack of nutrition will be a reason for back pain which causes a lot of issues. Foods high in fat and sugar cause inflammation throughout the body, including the lower back. So if you can reduce  sugar and caffeine, you can see remarkable differences if that is the reason behind your back pain. So always consider protein rich food in your diet. 

Sit all day long

Being inactive is one of the most damaging things which can cost your body a lot. It is essential that your muscles need to move all the time. But if you get used to the sitting position, no matter what may be the reason, they tense. To combat stiffness and muscle tension induced by the session, stretch the lower back muscles when you wake up. Also try to walk a lot when you are free.


According to studies, smokers are more likely to suffer from back pain when compared to non smokers. Back pain will be lower in those who never smoked. And a survey says current smokers have the highest rates of back pain. So quitting smoking will be another preventive measure to stay away from back pain.

At She Ayurveda, we are all set to treat you and give you the ultimate cure from all these problems. The one thing you need to do is give very little time from your busy life and take Ayurveda treatments for back pain Calicut provided by She Ayurveda. 

In the coming read we will reveal which are the best ways of treatments in Ayurveda and how we perform with the support of our well-experienced doctors. Visit our website for more.


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