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Best Ayurvedic methods of Treatment for Back Pain – She Ayurveda


As we promised, we are coming up with a new read on the methods from She Ayurveda explains Ayurveda Treatments for Back Pain Calicut

In Ayurveda, there are certain assessments which help you to determine where the back pain comes from. These are some common tests we can perform to get to know the real reason behind back pain.

Allocation of bone: Here images show how bones are situated at that point of time if you have arthritis or broken bones. X-ray images will not directly show problems with the spinal cord, muscles, nerves or discs.

MRI Scan: This scan can generate images that can reveal herniated disks or problems with bones, muscles, tissues, tendons, nerves, ligaments and blood vessels.

Bone scan: In exceptional cases, your doctor may use a bone scan to look for bone tumours or compression fractures caused by osteoporosis.

Nerve studies: This test measures electrical impulses produced by nerves and muscle responses. This test can confirm nerve compression caused by herniated discs or narrowing of your spinal canal

Methods of Treatment

It is said that Vata, one of the tripods of the living human being, is superior in all aspects, for each guna, lakshana, kriya (properties and actions), health benefits and the strongest in their ability to produce diseases and worse mortality

Vata-related diseases are innumerable and their presentation is throughout the body. Although a large number of symptoms suggest Vata’s abnormality, the cardinal symptom of the vitiation of this dosha is the Shoola in Ayurveda.

This pain is universally understood as a marker of the disease and is the most common symptom that causes a person to seek the advice of the doctor.

Ayurveda refers to the condition “Kati shoola” where kati refers to “lower back” (hip) and shoola refers to “pain.” Kati vata or Prishta shoola or Kati graha or Trika shoola or Trika graha are other names or conditions mentioned in the classics.

Vata is the predominant dosha that causes these conditions and is classified in Vataja nantmaja vyadhis.

In She Ayurveda, #1 centre for Ayurveda Treatments for Back Pain Calicut, Kati shoola will be planned according to the presentation of the dosha predominance and the underlying cause.

Treatment may include Panchakarma therapies for Shodhana, internal medications, external applications and advice on diet and lifestyle modification.

Therapies such as Elakizhi, Vasti, Navarakizhi, Pizhichil, Pichu, Podikizhi, Kati vasti, Vamana, Dhanyamla dhara etc are performed according to the severity and nature of the disease.

Therapies can vary between 3 and 6 weeks and can expect maximum recovery in this period. The duration may vary further depending on the underlying cause. Visit us for more.


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