Depend on Ayurveda for your Gynaecological treatme...

Depend on Ayurveda for your Gynaecological treatments with us

Ayurvedic Gynecological Treatment in Calicut

Gynaecological diseases are common and giving proper medical care is very essential. But most of the treatments will have a lot of side effects. Why can’t you consider Ayurvedic gynecological treatment in Calicut from She Ayurveda?

In Ayurveda, Medicinal Herbs can easily control menstrual cycle diseases and other similar gynaecological disorders. Women, both young and old, face innumerable problems, such as menstrual irregularities, severe pain and discomfort during menstruation, excessive and heavy bleeding, absence of menstruation, white discharge, infection, infertility, cysts, fibroids, etc. Phenomenally high rates of women undergo hysterectomies today. But what is generally not known is that for all these women’s problems, Ayurveda offers effective treatments through Ayurvedic Gynecological Treatment in Calicut from She Ayurveda.

Stree Rogam

Prasuti tantra (Obstetrics) and Stree Rogam constitute one of the eight branches of Ayurveda. This deals with the signs and symptoms of various diseases related to women along with diagnosis, pathology and treatment. Usually, Prasuti tantra used to achieve the best result in reproductive dhatu (tissue), for maintenance of healthy pregnancy, factors harmful to pregnancy, abortion and its management, factors responsible for the inhibition of fetal growth and its management, dietary and another regime for a pregnant woman, childbirth and postnatal care.

Let’s take a look at Charaka Samhita

According to Charaka Samhita, women who are the source of the progeny are affected by several Yoni Vyapads (genital disorders). Therefore, it is necessary to understand the various diseases of the Yoni with their origin, symptoms and treatment. Therefore, Charaka Samhita describes 20 different types of disorders related to women with their treatment and effective cure.

Usually, women’s diseases arise as a result of inadequate food and regimes.

This results in the disorder of the three Doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha along with the Blood, located in the Reproductive Organ, leading to numerous diseases.

For example, when Vayu is aggravated in the genital and reproductive organs, it results in perforations and various types of pain, stiffness, feeling of crawling ants, hardness and numbness of the vagina, exhaustion, fine and rough menstrual bleeding, a feeling instant relief after the discharge of menstrual blood, etc.

Similarly, burning sensation, inflammation, swelling, fever, heat, discolouration of menstrual blood, are some of the typical symptoms of worsening Pitta in the reproductive organ.

The sensation of cold itching in the genitals with mild pain and pale menstrual flow are some of the symptoms of Kapha aggravation.

Bleeding after conception, painful secretion of menstrual blood with pain in the back, waist, thigh and groin, prolapse of the uterus, repeated abortions, no semen retention in the Yoni, a fleshy growth in the reproductive organ, are some of the more common.

disorders among those mentioned in the text. This is one of the common and feared gynaecological problems of today, which invariably ends in a hysterectomy.

What do we do?

In general, all chronic gynaecological disorders are treated at first by mild application of the five purifying therapies, which is known as Panchakarma.

The use of oil both internally and externally together with mild sweating is very crucial for this treatment.

Countless combinations of decoctions, powders, pills, pastes, oils, ghees for internal use, ointments and pastes for external application, medicinal buffers, douching and fumigation are used to cure these disorders. And that’s what we, She Ayurveda do here through our Ayurvedic gynecological treatment in Calicut. Visit our website for more.


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