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For many years Ayurveda the science of life enabling women to combat a lot of areas in their life where they struggle. The health of women considerably affects the future generation and wellness of mankind. Through this blog, we will come up with certain areas where you need to give extra care and women wellness center such as She Ayurveda is all set to help women by providing the finest and pure Ayurveda treatment. 

The mental health of Women

Women are prone to stress due to the variations in hormonal levels and the multiple roles they carry out. Stress results in burning out, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, somatic disorders, etc.

Stress also makes females prone to indigestion, obesity, muscle spasms, and autoimmune diseases like SLE, etc. Understanding your body through Ayurveda, meditation, healthy living, Ayurvedic detox, herbs.

Ayurvedic massage treatments can help to reduce stress and increase the quality of your life.

 Preparation stages of pregnancy

The internal environment of females has a greater impact on the body type and development of the child. So always before planning to have a baby, it is good to detox your systems, boost your metabolism and immunity, rejuvenate your body.

Some modifications in lifestyle are the suggestion from Ayurveda. Also, these treatments improve the health and hormonal balance, making you more successful to have a healthy baby and less susceptible to stress and difficulties during pregnancy.

childbirth and lactation period

A woman should be strong enough to carry out all the functions of carrying a baby effectively and effortlessly. During these times, nutritional needs are high and hormone levels vary.

An imbalance in metabolism can sometimes lead to serious troubles during this stage. Ayurveda can help them to prepare for and carry out this unique blessing more effectively and easily. 

Perimenopausal syndrome

A sudden decline in female hormones around menopause leads to a range of symptoms. They are anxiety, depression, mood variations, thinning of skin, hair, nail, and bones, etc. Ayurveda can help you to adapt to this situation more easily and increase the quality of your life. This can be done through lifestyle advice, herbs, and treatments.

Prenatal and postnatal care

From ancient times Ayurveda advises special regimes during these special times which can help to improve the health of mother and child in the coming years. They are also important in the prevention and management of complications of pregnancy and childbirth, postnatal depression, etc.

In fact, women wellness center is very essential for every woman for their better health. Even though this system is not very common in our locality, developed countries like USA, UK, Australia, etc are well advanced in running such centers, that too with the use of Ayurveda.

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