What makes herbal beauty care a safe and effective...

What makes herbal beauty care a safe and effective approach?

These are the requirements for basic skincare suggested by leading herbal beauty parlour in Kerala, She Ayurveda 

Beauty care is one of the few areas we should give extra attention. Because of the fear of side effects. But why fear when She Ayurveda is coming with the best treatments? Here let’s see why herbal beauty care is always safe.

a) Cleaning agent: which removes dust, dead cells and dirt that clogs the pores of the skin. Some of the common cleansers include vegetable oils like coconut, sesame, and palm oil

b) Toners: Toners help tighten the skin and prevent it from being exposed to many of the airborne toxins or other environmental pollutants. Some of the herbs that are used as toners are witch hazel, geranium, sage, lemon, ivy burdock, and essential oils. 

c) Moisturizing: hydration helps the skin to become soft and supple. Moisturizers display a healthy glow and are less prone to ageing. 

Herbal cosmetics can be grouped into the following main categories:

  • To enhance the appearance of facial skin.
  • Cosmetics for hair growth and care.
  • Cosmetics for skincare, especially for teenagers (acne, pimples and bra)
  • Shampoos, soaps, powders and perfumery, etc.
  • Various products

Herbs play an important role when the damaging effects of food processing and over-medication have taken on alarming proportions. Now there are more and more cosmetics, food and teas, as well as alternative medicines.

The growing interest in herbs is part of the movement toward lifestyle change. This movement is based on the belief that plants have great potential for use as healing medicine.

Amla and Brahmi

Amla (Emblica Officinalis): Amla is the name given to the fruit of a small leafy tree (Emblica Officinalis), which grows throughout India and bears edible fruit. This fruit is highly valued both for its high vitamin C content and for the precious oil, which is extracted from its seeds and pulp and is used as a treatment for hair and scalp problems. T is used in eye syndromes, hair loss, and childhood ailments, etc.

Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri): can be used as a mask to improve the complexion. Brahmi is used as a hair application to give hair shine and its beautification. Also removes dandruff and lice from the hair. It can also be used to clean the jewelry and wash wool clothes. It is used in Ayurvedic preparations and herbal shampoos.

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