Let’s see the role of Physiotherapy in Women...

Let’s see the role of Physiotherapy in Women’s Health

Women today are more competent and independent as compared to those of the previous era. They have redefined gender roles, claimed more authority and freedom for themselves. But we have She Ayurveda. The #1 center for physiotherapy for women.

Women by nature are caregivers and there are numerous occasions when they tend to neglect their health in order to help a loved one. This neglect can cause a number of health complications as they grow older. Preventive healthcare is much better than taking medications after being diagnosed with a health condition.

There are a number of therapy options available like Allopathy, Ayurveda, and others. Physiotherapy is one such branch of medicine that can help you prevent a number of health issues when followed diligently.

A simple assessment and structured exercise program by a physiotherapist is often sufficient to prevent these health issues in women across the life span, from the young athlete to the childbearing woman to the menopausal to the elderly.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy refers to the non-surgical therapeutic treatment specific to various health problems affecting women.

During the course of therapy, specially designed exercises and equipment are used to help patients restore their normal physical activities.

Here are a few benefits of physiotherapy

Premenstrual syndrome

A physiotherapist assesses the physical effect PMS has on your body as well as the risk factors that can influence and worsen them, before offering a range of management options and advice. Treatment may include manual therapy to relieve tension as well as related discomfort such as headaches and constipation, relaxation point stimulation, electrotherapy. An important part of the treatment is teaching relaxation techniques and advice on self-management and self-care.


Physical therapy modalities may prove to be a fundamental treatment option for the patient. It will take place through endometriosis, pre and post laparoscopic surgery, especially if they experience musculoskeletal impairments.

Effective physical therapy treatment options include myofascial manual therapy, pelvic floor muscle lengthening, trigger point release, etc.

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Physiotherapists can provide a customized exercise program. So that would help in losing the weight gained due to the following aspects. they are the storage of estrogen in adipose tissue, lower insulin levels, and dietary changes to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates.

There are more benefits of physiotherapy than you expect and we, She Ayurveda, the #1 center for physiotherapy for women all set to provide you the details in the coming read.


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