We help you to regrow your hair naturally – ...

We help you to regrow your hair naturally – She Ayurveda

Through the amazing Ayurveda treatment, you can regain your charm with the help of our natural Ayurvedic treatments for hair fall Calicut from She Ayurveda. In this reading, let’s look at those methods.


At Shirodhara, warm oils or liquids formulated with soothing Ayurvedic herbal ingredients are poured onto your forehead from a rocking bowl that hangs above. While the medicated liquid or oil runs down from the forehead to the scalp, the therapist gently massages the scalp. This has an immensely calming and cleansing effect on your nervous system.

Shiro Abhyanga

Shiro abhyanga involves massaging the head, neck, upper back, and shoulders with warm Ayurvedic oils. It is a therapy to relieve stress on the muscles and tissues of the upper body along with the scalp. According to the science of yoga, Shiroabhyanga balances the three upper chakras: Anja (between the eyebrows), Sahasrara (top of the head), and Vishuddha (at the throat).

Shiro Lepa

In Shirolepa, different Ayurvedic herbs in dry powder form mixed into a fine paste according to the powerful Ayurvedic formulations of ancient texts. After applying this paste thoroughly, your scalp is covered with a banana leaf, leaving the top of the scalp, from where a medicinal Ayurvedic oil is poured over the lepa. This improves the interaction of the medicinal paste with the deeper tissues of the scalp.


In Nasya kriya, you should lie down horizontally and slightly tilt your head back. Few drops of oil instilled into the nostrils and allowed to hit the back of the throat internally. Practicing Nasya is the best for treating Kapha-related problems, Pitta disorders, alleviate Vata disorders. Nasya also helps improve immunity by strengthening the mucosal pathway and clearing the sinuses.

Regular massage with Ayurvedic hair oils

While your busy lifestyle and busy schedules make it difficult for you to take regular Shirodhara and Shiroabhyanga therapies, you can adopt regular Ayurvedic oil scalp massages at home to keep your doshas in balance. All you need to do is gently massage your scalp for about 15 minutes with pure Ayurvedic hair oil.

Regular hair cleansing with Ayurvedic herbs

If your hair not cleaned regularly, secreted oils, external pollutants clog the hair follicles, leading to scalp irritation, itching, hair loss. For best results, avoid chemical-free shampoos and start using Ayurvedic herbal shampoos that are mild.

Here are some of the proven Ayurvedic treatments for hair fall Calicut that you can trust. Without further due,visit She Ayurveda, the hospital offers a complete Ayurveda package for women.


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