Know about Ayurveda physiotherapy for women

Know about Ayurveda physiotherapy for women

Physiotherapy for Women - She Ayurveda

Ayurveda treatments always got an upper hand over any other medical treatments. Almost zero side effects and purely natural are the keys. In the case of physiotherapy for women, there is no difference. In this read, let’s know more about Ayurveda Physiotherapy for women

It is said that ayurvedic treatments can be divided into two. The first one is Abhyantara chikitsa, which includes internal medicines and the second one is Bahyachikitsa, which includes external procedures 

These Chikitsa bring the Anthragni to its normality. So that will eventually eliminate the Ama so it achieves the proper movement of Vata dosha. Due to the good functioning of Agni and Vayu, Uthorothara Dhatu poshana is restored. Therefore, it is nourished by Rasa, Raktha, Mamsa, Medas, Asthi, Majja and Sukra Dhatu. This leads to the repair of damaged soft tissues, muscles, etc.

After adequate nutrition of the tissue, there is a need to improve its functionality, mainly in musculoskeletal and nervous disorders. Here comes the role of Physiotherapy for women in Ayurveda.

Physical therapy involves evaluating, diagnosing, and treating a variety of diseases, disorders, and disabilities using physical agents, such as electricity, heat, cold, radiation, sound waves, external force, exercise, etc. She Ayurveda, you will get a complete diagnosis with the help of ancient and original ways of treatment.

In the first phase of treatment, it helps reduce pain and inflammation of the affected part. And in the second phase, the muscles get strengthened and their functionality and range of motion of the joints will be improved. In the third phase is an important phase. Here coordination of movements, reeducation of posture, gait and functional activities will take place.

Physiotherapy for women works at the healing level that nourishes or repairs tissues internally, physical therapy is helping to reduce pain and inflammation and restore normal biomechanics by strengthening a weak muscle or improving internal or external compensatory mechanisms by natural agents.

She Ayurveda we provide the best treatment for women through our physiotherapy package. We assure you the best result within a very short timespan. Visit us and experience.  


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