These food items in Ayurveda help you lose weight

These food items in Ayurveda help you lose weight

Ayurveda Weight Loss Treatments in Kerala

 We know Ayurveda is known for its zero side effect. So it is always best to depend on Ayurveda to lose weight through burn fat. Let us find out which of them are suggested by experts of She Ayurveda Weight Loss Treatments in Kerala.

While exercising you can probably maintain an ideal weight but a diet is a key to lose weight. In fact, there is nothing like strict dieting but a little change from your usual way of having food and items usually include. It says that in Ayurveda, a few spices and herbs can help to reduce fat and make you slimmer. Let us find out some of them.

1. Kalonji

Also known as black seeds or black cumin, kalonji is really helpful when it comes to losing weight, especially for reducing belly fat. Kalonji seeds and oil are traditionally used to combat obesity and help lose weight.

2. Triphala

Triphala is made up of the combination of three superfoods such as amla, bibhitaki, and haritaki, triphala is known for its beauty benefits. But did you know that triphala can also lower blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes? It also helps reduce weight by detoxifying the digestive tract and fighting constipation.

3. Methi seeds

An important ingredient in cooking, fenugreek, helps the digestion system. But you already knew that, right? After all, that’s why your mother adds it to the sabzis. Methi seeds also help reduce food cravings and suppress appetite.

4. Punarnava

It is a flowering plant that is known for its effective weight loss properties. It has diuretic properties that help the kidney and urinary bladder to function better. This helps remove toxins from the body without the loss of minerals.

5. Dalchini

The quintessential winter spice, dalchini or cinnamon is known to stimulate metabolism. Better metabolism equals more weight loss.

The matter of fact is these spices and herbs are never a possible replacement for a healthy diet but with the help of this diet can boost your metabolism. Avoiding junk food and choosing the above items are recommended by the finest Ayurveda weight loss treatments in Kerala – She Ayurveda.

We Believe that curative treatments and methods of treatments help to eradicate the disease and maintain the balance of the body. We at She Ayurveda offer you the best facilities where you can rejuvenate your body or reduce your weight at your comfort. If you want to know more about us, make the best use of our website. 

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